Pet. People. Planet.

What is Sustainability?

Put simply, Sustainability is the idea that us as humans engage with the environment in such a way to help preserve enough resources for future generations. Sustainability recognises that resources are not endless, and should be used sensibly in order to support ecological, human and economic health in the long-term. 

Why is it important to us?

A core value here at Destination Dog is our commitment to Pet, People and Planet.

Everything we do, we do for our pets. We started Destination Dog as we believed that our pets deserved the very best. Shortly after beginning this journey, we recognised that one fundamental way in which we can provide the best quality of life for our pets is by helping to create a cleaner, greener environment for them (and us) to live in. It is therefore our ethical duty as a business to make choices that favour a sustainable way of living, not just for pets but for ourselves and all life also.

Our Sustainability Efforts:

We as a business, are committed to contributing to a sustainable society, one that is responsible and focuses on protecting the environment. Ways in which we are striving to achieve this is through responsible production, including: carefully sourcing our ingredients, using only re-usable, biodegradable or recyclable product and packaging materials, as well as limiting the use of wasteful processes within our supply chain. 

 As well as our use of sustainable packing materials, we also aim to limit our carbon footprint through our ‘relaxed delivery’ option. By choosing a relaxed delivery, there is a greater time-window for delivery trucks to reach full capacity, and combine deliveries with other orders within a specific region. This limits the journey’s that trucks have to make, therefore decreasing overall carbon emissions. With this in mind, we encourage that if you do not need the items in any rush, to consider choosing the more efficient and eco-friendly delivery method.   

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